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Celebrating Great Outdoors Month

Celebrating Great Outdoors Month

Welcome to Great Outdoors Month!

Embark on a remarkable journey as we celebrate the awe-inspiring wonders of the great outdoors during the month of June. Ever since the US Senate officially declared June as ‘Great Outdoors Month’ in 2019, this celebration has evolved into a mesmerizing month-long extravaganza, beckoning adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Even Grizzly 399 and her cubs know that it is great to get outdoors and enjoy Great Outdoors Month!

Awe-Inspiring Wonders: Unveiling the Majesty of National Parks

National parks are treasures that showcase the raw beauty and grandeur of our natural world. From soaring mountains and cascading waterfalls to vibrant landscapes and untamed wilderness, these protected areas offer a gateway to unforgettable experiences and remarkable encounters with nature.

Immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness of Yellowstone National Park, where nature’s grandeur reigns supreme. Stand in awe of the majestic mountains that have towered over the landscape since 1872, capturing the imagination of generations with their ethereal beauty and unyielding spirit. Feel the thrill of encountering the park’s diverse wildlife and witness the breathtaking geothermal wonders that make Yellowstone truly one-of-a-kind.

A view of Yosemite National Park across the valley to see Half Dome and Bridalveil Fall.

Prepare to be enchanted by the spellbinding landscapes of Yosemite National Park, a sanctuary of tranquility and artistic inspiration. Since its establishment in 1890, this natural masterpiece has captivated visitors with its towering granite cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and verdant valleys. Lose yourself in its timeless allure as you hike through pristine forests, gaze at starlit skies, and let your soul be rejuvenated by the sheer majesty of nature.

Discovering Hidden Gems: Lesser Visited National Parks That Captivate

But the adventure doesn’t end with these renowned parks. It’s time to unveil the secrets of lesser-visited national parks, where hidden treasures await your discovery. Journey to Joshua Tree National Park, located near the vibrant city of Twentynine Palms in California. Established in 1994, this captivating desert oasis invites you to experience surreal rock formations and vibrant desert scenery. Let serenity and adventure intertwine as you wander through this mesmerizing landscape, embracing the thrill of exploration in a place that holds both tranquility and excitement in its embrace

Embark on a journey to Pinnacles National Park, a hidden gem of natural beauty located near the city of Soledad in central California. Established in 2013, this captivating park invites you to step into a mesmerizing world where towering rock formations rise from the earth, and rugged cliffs embrace the vast expanse. Lose yourself in the network of hidden trails, immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness, and allow the awe-inspiring beauty of this park to leave an indelible mark on your soul. This is where nature’s magnificence merges with the serenity of the surrounding landscapes, creating a truly unforgettable experience just a short drive away from the city of Soledad in central California.

Venture off the beaten path to North Cascades National Park, nestled in the picturesque state of Washington and located near the city of Sedro-Woolley. Established in 1968, this remarkable park beckons you to immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking landscapes. Let the towering peaks, gleaming glaciers, and emerald-hued lakes weave a tapestry of natural splendor before your very eyes. Explore its untamed wilderness, where every twist and turn reveals the raw power of nature captivating your senses and igniting your adventurous spirit. Just a short distance from the city of Sedro-Woolley, North Cascades National Park awaits, offering an unforgettable journey into the heart of pristine wilderness.

Embracing Great Outdoors Month: Celebrate the Beauty Beyond Our Doorsteps

Join us as we celebrate Great Outdoors Month, a time to embrace the wonders of both renowned and lesser-known national parks. Let these awe-inspiring landscapes awaken your sense of adventure, ignite your love for nature, and remind you of the extraordinary beauty that awaits just beyond your doorstep. The great outdoors are calling, and the time to answer is now.

As we delve into the festivities of Great Outdoors Month, let us not forget the profound impact it has on our well-being, society, and economy. The Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016 shed light on the immense contributions of the outdoor recreation industry. In 2016 alone, outdoor recreation contributed over $412 billion to the US economy, accounting for approximately 2.2% of the total GDP. This industry has experienced rapid growth, surpassing the overall economy and providing over 4.5 million jobs across the nation. These figures continue to rise, highlighting the immense value of outdoor recreation in our lives.

Throughout June, people from all walks of life will come together, united by the hashtag #EscapeTheIndoors. Through the power of social media, this movement will showcase the diverse experiences and adventures enjoyed during Great Outdoors Month. Join the conversation, share your own stories, and inspire others to embark on their own outdoor escapades.

Great Outdoors Month kicks off on June 1st with National Trails Day, a celebration that recognizes the value of our magnificent trail systems. Engage in a wide array of activities, from hiking and mountain biking to birdwatching and land navigation education. Let this day ignite your passion for trails and reveal the boundless possibilities they offer for exploration and connection with nature.

Relaxing in chairs from Campmor and enjoying Great Outdoors Month.

National Get Outdoors Day on June 10th will further amplify the call to embrace the outdoors. Coordinated by the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable and the US Forest Service, this nationwide event encourages people to break free from the confines of indoor life and immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. Many National Forests will waive entrance fees on this day, enticing individuals to venture outside and celebrate the wonders that await.

The time has come to answer the call of the great outdoors. Unleash your spirit of adventure, embark on a journey of discovery, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Great Outdoors Month awaits, ready to unveil its wonders and inspire a deep and lasting connection with the natural world. Let the captivating landscapes, thrilling activities, and shared experiences ignite your passion for the outdoors and ignite a lifelong love affair with nature. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you – step outside and embrace it.


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